Discussion: What is the best quality a coworker can have?

In lieu of a traditional post today, I thought it would be awesome to turn the table to learn from my wonderful readers. Join in on the fun by visiting The DEVCommunity to talk about what you feel is the best quality a coworker can have: https://dev.to/cubiclebuddha/what-is-the-best-quality-a-developer-can-have-29m5

I’m sorry, but this “Full Stack” meme makes me really mad/sad

(This article was originally posted as a timed exclusive article for DEVCommunity. It resulted in an enormous number of responses. I feel privileged that I was able to start a transparent and honest conversation about the importance and misuse of job titles).

The meme above could potentially be casting shade on “full stack devs” by depicting them as a drawing of a horse but where only the backend is drawn out. If you were building a team, would you rather have that meme image above, or a developer who only knows one part of the system?