Screwing up. Advice on forgiving your inner child.

I made a mistake today. Not the “calculated risk” kind of mistake that we recommend on this blog. I’m talking a plain-old, stupid error. Strangely enough, after a minutes I found myself thinking judgmental thoughts about family, co-workers, and friends about behaviors of theirs that I don’t like. Is that a coincidence? No, it doesn’t take a psychologist to identify that I was project my feels of self-criticism out to others. Great. Now I’m being critical of myself for being critical of others!

So how does a person break out of this blame cycle?

Doing nothing: The cure for procrastination

Have you ever passionately thrown yourself into a strange, unrelated task at work simply because you didn’t want to do your real assignment? Or has your partner ever asked you for help… only to have you snap at them that you were working on something “really important?” For years I found myself procrastinating by deflecting too. Why did I convince myself I was being productive? Thankfully, the practice of mindfulness is here to give you that time to discover why your mind wanders from “the boring task.”

In fact, it weren’t for the process of silently cataloging my thoughts (cough meditation cough) I never would have come to terms with my twin tendencies towards perfectionism/procrastination. Only in the quiet of my mind was I able to realize that I was obsessively pursuing “passion projects” because the real task scared me. But I’ll share with you how powerful humility is. I’ll also share how accepting your tiny, task-based fear can make you more productive than you ever imagined possible.