Discussion: What is the best quality a coworker can have?

In lieu of a traditional post today, I thought it would be awesome to turn the table to learn from my wonderful readers. Join in on the fun by visiting The DEVCommunity to talk about what you feel is the best quality a coworker can have: https://dev.to/cubiclebuddha/what-is-the-best-quality-a-developer-can-have-29m5

4 signs your job is beyond repair

Sometimes you might feel like there’s no recovering. You feel like you’ve broken your relationships with your coworkers or that their perception of you can no longer be changed. After you’ve tried our techniques (like creating quiet in your cubicle, adjusting your work life balance, introducing happy elements, etc.) you might find that you simply have one choice left: Change your job.

How Charles Dickens Wrote Like An Agile Programmer

Ever feel like you have to finish the whole project before releasing it?


By mining an unlikely source, I will show you why these “all or nothing” thoughts are hindering your success. We can observe Charles Dickens’ release process and prove how iterative releases allowed for quick learning and better results for the user.

4 Reasons You Don’t Need A Promotion

Are you convinced that you’ll only be happy once you finally get that promotion? If so, maybe you’re actually trapped by your goal. I’ll share my own experiences and tips on how I learned to be happy at whatever rung of the ladder I’m currently on. Because happiness is the goal, right?