Almost Ready To Start

So, I’m looking out from my home office window about to start this blog thing. It’s gonna be an amazing opportunity to connect with people about what makes myself and them happier and healthier at work. Can’t wait!


Update: This was not supposed to be my first post– I made it just to test out the blog. So when I returned just now to upload what was supposed to be the “real” first post, I had a weird realization… isn’t being in the moment and forgiving yourself of the past what this blog is supposed to be all about? Yes. So this “temporary” first post is here to stay. As we’ll talk about very soon, being happy with your work means patting yourself on the back even when the outcome isn’t perfect. So come along and read how to grow (as I do) in learning to accept the past and embrace the happiness of the present.

2 thoughts on “Almost Ready To Start”

  1. learning to accept the past and embracing the happiness of the present << — literally what saved me from losing my mind. letting go is hard but one has to start somewhere, plus we are not going to live like 200 years!

  2. I’m with you. It doesn’t make sense to hold onto the past when life is so short. That was a big breakthrough for me too! Thanks for the comment @dnvdk. 🙂

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