About The Cubicle Buddha

We spend most of our waking hours at work, so why not be happy there? This is the idea behind CubicleBuddha.com where you can come to learn and to share about how mindfulness is helping you be happier and healthier at work.

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Q: Why mindfulness?
A: Because life can seem crazy and sometimes you have to just slow down. And the place that we could most use some “slowing down” is in the office. The practices of mindfulness that I’ve learned from researching Buddhism have really helped me, and I’m excited to share them with you.

Q: Who is the Cubicle Buddha?
A: Like who is it really? The Cubicle Buddha is Desmond Verdee.

Q: Desmond Verdee? That sure sounds like a pseudonym— why would you use a fake name?
A: The cubicle buddha is not really a person, it’s what I hope to be some day. Look, I’m proud of my failures— in fact, the whole goal behind this blog is sharing what I’ve learned through “screwing up.” My message is that you can’t fear failure, death, or looking silly if you want to be happy. Unfortunately, my future employers might not look so kindly to psuedo-radical ideas espoused on this blog (well, these ideas are somewhat radical in corporate America). And when I’m working as a software engineer at my day job, I am very vocal about sharing my failures with my coworkers and soliciting feedback from the team. But I gotta be honest, this blog is specifically designed to not be a “money maker,” so I can’t endanger myself and my family if my next place of employment thinks that “transparency” and “learning through failing” are values they don’t want in an employee. Not everyone likes entrepreneurial software developers who like to challenge the status quo.

Q: Why? Would you even want to work at a place that doesn’t share your values?
A: Good point. All I can say is that it’s human to be afraid, and (as I mention on this blog often) I both embrace and challenge that fear inside me often. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve lived through bad economic times where I could barely get any job even when I had marketable skills and 3.99 GPA. Life isn’t always fair, so I think it makes sense to keep one foot in optimism and one foot in reality. So for the question of “why are you scared to share your real name?”… I haven’t worked out a real answer yet— but when I do, you’ll read about it on this blog right away. With time perhaps I’ll find the courage to shed the name Demond Verdee, but until then I am The Cubicle Buddha.